A Geographical Tour of Literary America

The Grand Tour of Literary Landmarks resulted from my students' success with another project that we called "Poetic License with THE AMAZING RACE." This new journey also begins and ends in my students' hometown. Chosen writers are specific to our curriculum and texts; however, teachers can adapt new selections to their students' needs. Side images are their original work. Photo images at each destination go directly to official sites or to the slideshows of my own travel photos. The main sources of written material here are www.Poets.org and Adventures in American Literature, Heritage Edition and Pegasus Edition.

Hanover, New Hampshire

On the literary map, travel from from Garrettsville, Ohio, to Hanover, New Hampshire.


# _____________ Miles to Hanover, New Hampshire

$ _____________ Cost for Gasoline to Hanover, New Hampshire

Visit Richard Eberhart at www.Poets.org and fill-in-the-blanks.

"Richard Eberhart was appointed to the Advisory commission on the Arts for the National Cultural Center by President Eisenhower in 1959 and held the position of Poetry Consultant to the Library of Congress from 1959-61. His Selected Poems, 1930-1965 won a Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1966. Richard Eberhart died at his home in Hanover, New Hampshire, on June 9, 2005, at the age of 101."

Quotes from Eberhart about poetry:

"__________________ make poetry possible."

"I have the idea of a ____________________ which the poet seizes, mysteriously, out of the air to give ____________________________."

"It is necessary to hail _____________ wherever it is found in men."

From Of Poetry and Poets: "Poetry is a confrontation of the __________________."

"It is a basic struggle of the soul, the mind, and the body to comprehend life; to bring ______________________ or to phenomena: and by will and insight to create communicable verbal forms for the pleasure of mankind."

"The poet may be said equally to depend on environment, to seek continuously the right environment, and the poem comes only when _________________________________.

"If a poet writes to save his soul, he ______________________________."

Read "The Groundhog"