A Geographical Tour of Literary America

The Grand Tour of Literary Landmarks resulted from my students' success with another project that we called "Poetic License with THE AMAZING RACE." This new journey also begins and ends in my students' hometown. Chosen writers are specific to our curriculum and texts; however, teachers can adapt new selections to their students' needs. Side images are their original work. Photo images at each destination go directly to official sites or to the slideshows of my own travel photos. The main sources of written material here are www.Poets.org and Adventures in American Literature, Heritage Edition and Pegasus Edition.

Chicago, Illinois

On the literary map, you are still in Chicago, Illinois.

Visit Gwendolyn Brooks at www.Poets.org and fill-in-the blanks.

"Gwendolyn Brooks was born in Topeka, Kansas, in 1917 and raised in Chicago. She is the author of more than twenty books of poetry."

"Gwendolyn Brooks was named Poet Laureate for the state of Illinois in _____. She lived in Chicago until her death in ______________."

LISTEN to “We Real Cool.”

What does she say about this poem being included in so many anthologies of poetry?

How did she write this poem and what did the poem say about her thinking?

Take a Poetry Walking Tour of Chicago.